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The 10 maggie leungwennmachers andreessenhorowitz are a group of women that are a little different in every way. But this is what makes them so special and interesting. There is something about the way that they handle themselves that really makes them stand out. Whether it’s the way they speak, the way they work, or the way that they think about women, these are just a few of the reasons why.


One of the leading venture capital firms, Andreessen Horowitz, has launched a website that will focus on investing in nascent technologies. The site, called Future, will be written by the firm’s employees and contributors, with a focus on the firm’s investment sectors and areas. A16z has also hired writers to write articles for the site, and will expand the content with help from staff and industry insiders.


VC firm Andreessen Horowitz is not your typical VC. It has a plethora of media assets that it is not afraid to speak eloquently about. In fact, it isn’t even the only VC firm in town to make an in house media machine. Earlier this week, the aforementioned a16z announced a major coup by hiring Maggie Leung, formerly of the Wall Street Journal and Washington Post, as executive editor of its in-house media venture.


As a former journalist and a current employee of Andreessen Horowitz, I’m in the business of acquiring a lot of knowledge about a lot of companies. A few months ago, a colleague tipped me off that one of the firm’s employees had been on the lookout for a new job. After much snooping around, I was able to land the gig. What’s more, a couple of my colleagues have opted to stay on as well.


The team at Andreessen Horowitz has hired a lot of movers and shakers to help drive their digital products. This includes a new head of content, Maggie Leung, who has joined the team from NerdWallet. She is no stranger to the world of content, having worked for CNN and the Wall Street Journal before joining Andreessen Horowitz. Her background in content stretches back many years, and she will be responsible for bringing all of the pieces together.


A22Z has hired a new editor, and she’s a woman of many talents. Maggie Leung is a former journalist who’s worked at the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post, as well as NerdWallet, where she launched the company’s content operations. She will serve as executive editor. Her immediate job is to build the site’s editorial platform. As for her content, she’ll be using a variety of partners to craft the next generation of digital media.


In September, Andreessen Horowitz hired journalist and former Wall Street Journal senior editor Maggie Leung as the executive editor of its upcoming Future magazine. The new venture will be written for tech-curious readers. Although its future is uncertain, it has a lot of backing. It’s backed by companies like Intel, eBay and Uniswap Labs, among others.

The company says that it plans to publish editorial content about “rational optimism” and other topics. The initial content will focus on how-to articles and explainers. There will be an emphasis on content that isn’t focused on day-to-day tech, instead covering future-focused information.


VC firm Andreessen Horowitz is making moves to build an in-house media machine. The company recently hired former journalist Maggie Leung as executive editor. This is the first major hire for the firm’s media arm, which has already been producing hundreds of hours of content for Insider, the VC firm’s sister publication.


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