H1B Visa vs. the H2B Visa: A quick guide

Before you consider the H1B Visa or the H2B Visa, you need to understand the differences. With changes in the political climate, these visas have been in the news for many unique reasons. First and foremost, ensure that you talk to an expert to understand the entire process of applying for the right visa. Consider checking with the lawyers of Pollak Immigration, PLLC, for a quick evaluation. In this post, we are discussing various aspects of both options

H1B Visa explained

The H1B Visa is for individuals who have certain skills, which they have earned from various qualifying institutions. The visa is valid for three years, following which it can be renewed again for three years. To qualify for the H1B Visa, you need to have a job offer from an employer in the US, for which the employer needs to confirm they tried to fill the position but couldn’t find the right US citizen for the job. Also, your employer should confirm that you would be paid the prevailing average salary and get the same working conditions as other employees. There are also two categories of the H1B Visa – H1B2 and H1B3. The former is meant for government research work, while the H13B visa is for fashion models. Note that there is a cap on the total visas issued each year

H2B Visa explained

The H2B Visa allows employers and qualifying agents in the US to bring non-professional workers from other countries into the US for non-agricultural temporary jobs. The H2B visa is available for one year, although it can be extended for up to three years by employers. If USCIS or DHS believes that the petitioner has no intentions of returning, the application will be rejected in the initial stages. There is a cap for H2B visas at 66,000 per fiscal year.

Get help

If you are a US employer interested in hiring foreign talent, understanding the regulations, compliance requirements, and other relevant aspects is crucial. Immigration lawyers can help you decode the best ways to enhance your workforce while remaining compliant. On the contrary, if you are a foreign national and need help with understanding Visa and Immigration processes, you still need a lawyer to ensure that everything is done right without mistakes. Top firms offer the best possible support for immigration processes, and you can expect to minimize your hassles as you focus on starting a life in the United States maru gujarat.

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