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How to Tell If a Shirt is Too Small for a Woman

There are some key factors to check when buying a new shirt for a woman. A shirt should fit snugly around her chest without causing any fabric wrinkles. The shoulders should also fall comfortably between her armpits and elbows. If the seams are hanging down, the shirt is too small. If the shoulder seams are too big, walk away and purchase a bigger size. This can be a tricky issue for some women, so these tips can help.

If the sizing chart is inaccurate, check for the size on the tag. For example, XXL means little in women’s sizes, and M-L means big. This makes it difficult for a man to know the right size for a woman. And if he isn’t familiar with women’s sizes, he may not be able to determine the correct fit for a woman. Thankfully, there are some simple steps to find out if a shirt is too small for a woman.

First, measure the length. Shirt length should fall two inches below the beltline or the top of the back pocket of a pair of pants. It should cover the midriff and still allow a woman to tuck her arms into the shirt. Likewise, the shirt sleeve should not extend further than the base of her thumb. It should not come so far up that it feels like a baseball tee.

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