Personal Injury FAQs

It is very common for an individual to find themselves amidst personal injury cases. And having doubt is furthermore common in this situation. Turco Legal, P.C. has aimed to answer a few of the frequently asked questions regarding personal injury. 

How much on average a personal injury case is compensated?

It is not an easy task to determine personal injury compensation on average. The claimant’s settlement award is affected by various kinds of factors. Factors such as what is the kind of personal injury case they are dealing with (slip and fall, car accident, etc.), how severe their case is, and other damages they have incurred.

Can a personal injury lawyer help me?

A personal injury lawyer is someone who is dealing with the injuries of a person that are caused by the other party’s negligence. Personal injury lawyers are trained to help clients suffering from personal injuries with legal advice, representation in a court or during negotiation with the insurers or the lien, filing claims for the accident, etc. 

What compensation should I demand for pain and suffering?

The pain and suffering of a plaintiff will be determined while evaluating their overall damages while pursuing a settlement. It generally includes loss of wages, medical expenses, and other factors to be considered regarding their injuries. 

Is a DIY personal injury lawsuit possible?

You can sue someone yourself in a personal injury case but are afraid that it won’t bring you success in claiming compensation. Personal injury cases are complex and they need special guidance and assistance to follow all the required steps. Benign a layman with no or little knowledge about law, one might screw up the process and end up receiving a nominal compensation or rejected petition due to some mistake made. 

What is the “Statute of Limitation” while filing a personal injury lawsuit?

The statute of Limitation is the time frame a party gets to file a complaint against the negligent party or the time the negligent party is getting to answer to the lawsuit notified to them. The time frame to file a lawsuit varies from place to place, depending on the time the offense took place and what kind of lawsuit a person wants to file.


These are the common questions that one might have regarding personal injury. If you have further doubts you can call a personal injury lawyer and ask for a consultation. 

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