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If you’re looking for a website with a great deal of content on it, you’ll want to take a look at Deepdotweb. This company has a huge database, which means you’ll be able to find information on just about any topic you can think of. Whether it’s on the latest news, sentencing, or even prihar, there’s sure to be something for you!


DeepDotWeb is a website that advertises dark web marketplaces and news. It is operated by an Israeli national, Tal Prihar. He is currently awaiting extradition from Israel to the United States. His co-conspirator, Michael Phan, has been detained in Israel and is awaiting extradition.

DDW was seized in a coordinated effort by federal and international law enforcement in May 2019. It was discovered that the site provided links to illegal dark web marketplaces, including forged documents, stolen data collections, and firearms. Moreover, it marketed services that included hacking tools, drugs, and other nefarious items. This operation was part of a wider investigation involving Europol, the IRS, and the FBI Pittsburgh Field Office.

Prihar and Phan redirected payment from the DDW bitcoin wallet to other virtual currencies, and then to bank accounts controlled by Prihar. These accounts were set up in the names of shell companies. Using fake shell companies, the administrators concealed the source of their payments. They were paid in the form of virtual currency, which was then converted into fiat currency.

Prihar was sentenced to 97 months in prison. In addition to the imprisonment, Prihar will have to forfeit $8.4 million in cash and digital assets. According to authorities, he received kickbacks in the form of virtual currency, which he then transferred to his bank accounts.


DeepDotWeb, an anonymous website that provided news and links to dark web marketplaces, was shut down by law enforcement earlier this year. According to authorities, the site ran on an open internet platform with anonymizing Tor network, making it harder for people to track down the owners of the site. The site was operated by an Israeli citizen and was a big source of news on dark web services. It was also known for its links to drug markets, and was a vast repository of information on dark web commerce.

The site is said to have been maintained by an Israeli citizen named Michael Phan. A LinkedIn page states that he is the owner of the Melabes Corporation, which claims to be the “world’s leading SEO company.” Phan is currently incarcerated in Israel and is fighting extradition. He registered the domain name Israeli Poker Academy. In addition to his website, he posted a video of himself in a Jazz Coffee Factory, and claimed that he is the owner of the Israeli Poker Academy.

Another defendant in the case, Tal Prihar, is a Brazilian citizen who pled guilty to money laundering charges. Prihar received kickback payments in virtual currency from dark web services, but concealed the true source by transferring the money to a shell company’s bank account. Prihar was sentenced to 97 months in prison for his involvement with the site.


DeepDotWeb was a website that provided links to illegal dark net marketplaces. Users were able to access these marketplaces to purchase illicit drugs, firearms, and hacking tools. The site also offered

stolen financial data, as well as other stolen items. In addition, the site operated by Israeli citizen Michael Phan posted news updates about the dark web.

The DeepDotWeb site was seized by law enforcement in May of this year. It was seized because of its business relationship with dark web markets. According to prosecutors, the defendants received substantial profits from advertising links on the site. However, the operators pleaded guilty and agreed to give up their ill-gotten gains. This allowed them to be sentenced to 97 months in prison.

The website also facilitated money laundering, as it laundered cryptocurrency payments to accounts in conventional banking systems. In exchange for the commission, Tal Prihar linked illegal dark web marketplaces. He was a co-admin and a member of the dark net community.

A co-admin, who is usually a skilled internet user, must be dedicated and have experience. They can be sentenced to two years in prison, but are eligible for parole in three years. During the time that they are on supervised probation, they cannot work for unsanctioned websites.

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