Why Would My Ex Text Me Happy Birthday?

If you’re wondering why your ex would text you on your birthday, it’s probably because you miss him or her. However, just because you miss your ex doesn’t mean that you should reconnect. The best way to respond to an ex-friend’s message on your birthday is to ignore it and thank them for the thought. This small gesture is harmless and shouldn’t put your ex on edge. Also, remember that your ex is unlikely to respond to a text message that simply asks you to do something nice for them.

The timing of the breakup is also important when it comes to evaluating your ex’s motives. If your breakup was fairly recent, it may be because your ex wants to stay in touch. If your ex has been texting you regularly, it may be because he or she missed you or has been trying to mend fences. If your breakup was messy, your ex may be trying to make amends or testing you for talkativeness.

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You can’t anticipate how your ex will respond to a text, but it is a thoughtful gesture to make. The stress of not knowing what your ex will do makes you more strategic. While wishing you a happy birthday isn’t rude, it shows that you’re in a good mood and appreciate the thought. In fact, your ex may text you on your birthday to test your receptivity and whether you’d appreciate it.

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